Trust Board

Success Academy Trust - MAT Structure

Multi Academy Trust

Current Members

Tony Gelsthorpe
John Hemes
Sue Lamprell
Bruce Perrett

Di Vernon

Current Trustees

Collective responsibilities QA for:
Leadership & Governance
Quality of Teaching
Business Development
Compliance/Capital Stock

Melvyn Booley
Sue Lamprell

Paul Wiles

John Horan

Gemma Crofts
Trust Principal:              Mandi Collins

Possibility of growing extra Trustee roles if needed.

Trust Operations and Finance Officer –
Ann-Marie Willett
(pro rata time)

Central Services Team
Sally Allen – Trust School Business Manager (pro rata time)

Rich Fegan – Trust Data Protection Officer (pro rata time)

Advisory Groups

Head teachers of Academies and School Business Managers/Finance Group

The Groups perform an advisory and communication role.

LGBs Other Leadership
Local Governing Board - Thomas Estley SLT - Thomas Estley TELA School to School Support Team
Local Governing Board - Cosby Primary SLT - Cosby Primary TELA Initial Teacher Training Team
Local Governing Board - Hallbrook Primary SLT - Hallbrook Primary TELA CPD/ Research Team
Local Governing Board - Richmond SLT - Richmond Primary TELA Leadership Development Team

Trust Board

Success Academy Trust is a Multi Academy Trust which is overseen by the Trustees who have final responsibility and accountability for the workings of all the schools across the group.

The Board currently consists of 4 Members and currently 6 Trustees including the Trust Principal.

DfE wants Multi Academy Trusts to separate the work of Trustees from any Local Governance Boards and the intention is to work out these overlaps over 1-2 years to allow for appropriate governance succession planning.

The Trust Board is supported by the Trust Operations and Finance Officer/Company Secretary. Additional centralised support will be develop as Trust matures.

Heads Advisory Group

The Heads Advisory Group has corporate responsibility for the overall formulation and implementation of the Trust’s policies and procedures. It is made up of the Head teachers/ Principal of the academies within the Trust, meeting at least twice a term, including at least once a term with the Chair of Governors of the academies. The Advisory Group works in partnership with its School Business Managers/Finance Group to ensure reports to the Trust Board and communications from the Trust Board are shared in an accurate and co- ordinated way.