Scheme of Delegation

The schools currently within Success Academy Trust have their own Local Governance Boards (LGB) with delegated responsibilities for strategic planning, financial planning and oversight, and holding the senior leadership to account.

Schools which are underperforming may have some of their delegated responsibilities withdrawn for a time until any concerns have been removed.

When and if an academy is deemed to be supported (which includes, but is not limited to, formal sponsorship arrangements) the Trust Board may delegate responsibility for the performance and/or financial probity for the academy to the Trust Principal which includes line management of the academy Principal/Head.

In these circumstances the LGB is classified as an Academy Council Board. (ACB).

The LGB is made up of at least 2 parent governors, along with staff governors and as many community governors as are needed based on the challenges and skill base of each particular school. The LGB core meetings are 6 times each year for all governors and have a key focus of monitoring quality learning and teaching.

See Trust Documents page for further details