Growing Talent, Pursuing Excellence, Together.

The TELA Core Values and structure outline the vision, purpose and strategic responsibilities of the teaching school. We work with strategic partners and alliance members to develop a collaborative approach to school improvement, as well as the areas outlined below:

  • Initial teacher training – we offer School Direct training in both primary and secondary phases, with specialist enhanced courses.
  • Leadership and Continuing Professional Development – a wide range of training, mentoring and accredited programmes, personalised to need.
  • Succession Planning and Talent Management – including RQT action research, PQSL, middle leadership courses.
  • School to school support – from tailored one off visits through to long term improvement programmes according to need.
  • Peer Challenge – peer review visits using up to date OFSTED criteria¬†to pinpoint strengths and areas for development.
  • Specialist leaders of Education – a range of SLEs and other TELA Support Team Members in primary, secondary and a variety of specialist areas.
  • Research and Development – innovation and an annual conference.

For more information see our TELA website.

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