CPD, leadership training and improvement Support


Teaching Support

Success Academy Trust provides support to its Trust schools through our Success AT SIQA model – School Improvement and Quality Assurance.

Our schools are categorised from A to D in terms of their current need for support and ability to provide support and best practice, and this is reviewed on an annual basis. Monitoring, evaluation and support is provided according to the category.

Our Teaching School Alliance, TELA, provides support through a variety of processes, many accessible to schools outside the trust. This ranges from funded NLE/LLE/SLE support plans, through Teaching and learning and Leadership development programmes, to focus visits and reviews. Our Peer Challenge programme offers a full OFSTED type review for schools within the programme and shorter review visits, including Pupil Premium focused reviews, are also available. Impact includes Improvement Planning/ SEF support, improvements in leadership, outcomes, teaching and learning and behaviour & welfare; and several supported schools have moved up an OFSTED category.

TELA member schools include three national support schools, a team of primary and secondary National Leaders of Education, Local Leadership of Education and National Leaders of Governance and a large variety of Specialist Leaders in Education.

Please contact us with any enquiries regarding school to school support or visit our TELA website for more information on our Teaching School.

Staff Development

Our vision and values centre around collaboration for improvement across all areas. Working in close partnership using our unique TELA Traded model means we are able to provide opportunities to our staff across our alliance schools to develop and improve their practice.

TELA provides a range of secondary and primary programmes, focusing on both pedagogy and leadership, and is an nationally accredited deliverer of the NPQ leadership programmes (NPQH, NPQSL, NPQML).

An appropriate body for NQT accreditation, we offer a full NQT training and support programme, as well as an RQT action research programme to embed excellent practice. Middle leaders and senior leaders benefit from a range of targeted development programmes and networks, and our TELA Heads networks and conference enhance the provision. Support and teaching staff can also access programmes such as Mental Health training, Autism Training, Behaviour and Attendance Support and Performance Data Forum. Our primary networks also run moderation opportunities as well as sharing best practice and benefiting from SLE and consultant run inputs and our partnerships with the local authority, universities, CAMHS and other bodies allow an enhanced offer. We also run some action research programmes and an annual conference to celebrate and share innovation across the alliance.